Do you have a small or medium sized business?If you would rather be out there acquiring new clients, selling, servicing, hitting home runs, and just doing what you do best rather than staring at a pile of receipts, invoices, and bank statements, you are not alone.

If you are spending time crunching your numbers you cannot be out there making your numbers. That's where Florida Fast Tax comes in. We become your back office, your bookkeeping staff, we reconcile your bank account, make sure all the numbers are neatly in their correct columns. We take care of those necessary evils of business, the record keeping.

As your business grows, we can grow with you.  We offer a full array of accounting services; payroll, bookkeeping and sales tax filings.  Spend less time crunching your numbers and more time hitting your numbers.

Call us at Florida Fast Tax because you have better things to do with your time.