Taxes - Don’t Avoid Them, Conquer Them

If you put off thinking about taxes until April 15th then call us at Florida Fast Tax.  We are the experts in taxation and tax avoidance strategies.  We have years of experience in keeping our client’s tax liability as low as possible.  Preparation of tax returns for individuals, multi-state, estates and trusts, businesses and partnerships. 

No matter how simple nor how complex your tax filings may be it is in your best interest to start planning today so this year, next year and the year after that tax time does not become stress time.

Life Changes

  • Buying or selling a house
  • Getting married or divorced
  • Birth of a child or adoption
  • Starting or closing a business

These are just some of the things that can change how your taxes are calculated. Make sure you are taking every advantage. Start by giving us a call at 772-236-9006

Business Planning

  • Business start ups
  • DBA's, partnerships, corporations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Time management

If you own a business taxes and taxation play a big part in what you do and what you keep. If your idea of tax planning is drinking an extra cup of coffeee on April 15th then you need us. Tax planning is not a sprint but a marathon. Your tax plan must keep up and change with your business. At Florida Fast Tax while you are running the race we will make sure your taxes are not left in the dust.



Being your own boss has great attraction, but it also comes with great responsibilities.  Going it alone does not mean you have to be alone.  Florida Fast Tax offers business counseling and coaching.  Are you ready?  What kind of business structure are you going to choose?  What are the differences?  Making the wrong decision today can prove costly down the road.  Call us for a consultation and with all of our business services at your disposal you can go out and slay the dragon while we hold down the fort.